Skull and Shackles – Pathfinder Battles


    Skull & Shackles – Pathfinder Battles Prepainted Plastic Figures
    One (1) Single Booster

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    FOUR FIGURE BOOSTERS! Pathfinder Battles: Skull & Shackles Standard Boosters contain 1 Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures

    Hoist the black flag and set sail on deadly seas!

    The scallywags, buccaneers, and beasts of the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Skull & Shackles campaign burst onto your game table in a blast of cannon fire and brimstone! This brand new set of Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic figures features 55 all-new sculpts drawn from the gorgeous art in Paizo’s Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

    With a focus on pirates and aquatic menaces, this set features several popular fantasy creatures that have never previously appeared in prepainted plastic, making Skull & Shackles a must-have for miniatures collectors and an essential accessory for seafaring play.

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