Live Sale Info

Instagram Live Sale Schedule:

Kirby 4th World

Join the A-1 Super Squad as we bring you fantastic Fables from Jack Kirby and his uncanny creations! Featuring Demon, Mister Miracle, & more!

9/23 @ 6PM PST!


Evil, twisted, or perhaps just misunderstood. Everyones favorite villains are taking over A-1 Comics. Featuring Harley Quinn, Carnage, & more!

9/25 at 6PM PST!

Fantastic Four

A Flexible Friend, Torched Teen, See-Through Sweetheart, & a rock walk into a bar… its the Fantastic Four! Join us as we see our favorite foursome battle fearsome foes!

9/30 @ 6PM PST!

Indie pt.III

Who needs those corporate big wigs at Marvel & DC? Spawn, TMNT, & more take over in this thrilling third indie themed live sale!

10/2 @ 6pm PST

Treasury / Magazines

Have you ever looked at a normal comic and thought “What is this, a comic book for ants!?” well, you will love this live sale! Treasuries, Mags, & more

10/7 @ 6PM PST

Being heroic doesnt always entail tights and proper morals. Anti heros come to the rescue at A-1 Comics. Featuring Spawn, Venom, & more!
10/9 @ 6PM PST
Marvel vs. DC

Come see Spidey take on Shazam, Green Goblin vs. Green Lantern. Iron Man vs. Ferro Lad. Who do you think will win?

10/14 @ 6PM PST

Live Show Guidelines

If you would like to participate in our Live Shows through Facebook and Instagram we ask that you follow a small set of guidelines so everyone has a good time.

  1. Be respectful and treat everyone as you would have them treat you.
  2. When claiming an item, be sure to use “claim” followed by the letter associated with the item on the wall.
  3. Do not police claims. There are many devices as well as the internet to consider. Unfortunately, the comments you see may not be in the same order for everyone. Claims are handled on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Do not spam the chat.
  5. We give offers consideration, but prioirty is given to those that claim for full price. However, if we accept an offer then future claims are not considered. Even if the customer offers more for it.
  6. No Policing Claims. We will have multiple staff members watching the live sale to make sure we catch all claims as they appear on our end.
  7. Orders above $250 must have signature confirmation and insurance when being shipped. This is non-negotiable.
  8. Payment is due within 24 hours of recieving your invoice. Payment in store is ok, as long as it is paid before the next live sale. Any other arrangment must be communicated directly.
  9. Orders will be shipped to which ever address is provided through PayPal. you can not change your shipping address after the fact.
  10. If your form indicates that you would like your items shipped, they will be shipped once the invoice is paid. If for any reason you want to pick them up in store, DO NOT PAY YOUR INVOICE. Please DM us to let us know you will get them in store, and you will be able to pay at the register.

Twitch Streams Every Thursday At 7PM PST!