A-1 Comics Online Policies


Effective December 1st, 2022 the policies listed here will take effect for online purchases; Live Sale, Direct Payments, or otherwise not completed at an A-1 Comics, Point of Sale System. Customers will still be directed to contact us directly to begin return/refund processes, but these policies will lay out our responsibility to the items we sell.

Sales Tax Policy

Orders within the state of California, in person or online, are subject to Sales Tax at the rate of Sacramento County in which A-1 Comics, inc is located. As of 01/01/2022, the Sales Tax rate is 7.75%.

Layaway Policy

Customers must make a non-refundable 20% down-payment to begin a layaway. payments of 20% of the remaining total must be made every month after the initial down-payment items totaling over $1000 and every 2 weeks for items under $1000. If the layaway lapses for 3 months or more, all payments will be forfeit and the item will be returned to store inventory. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to maintain timely payments to A-1 Comics for layaway items, nor is it the responsibility of employees to monitor a customer’s layaway. A layaway form is provided for the customer to review and confirm they understand and accept this policy before any payments are done.

Shipping Policy

A-1 Comics determines the most cost-efficient shipping method for your order based on value, delivery location, size and weight. Shipping carriers used by A-1 Comics, inc are the United States Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx.
All orders are subject to a 1-day handling time upon payment.
Orders at or above $300.00 USD in value will have signature confirmation included in the shipping cost. Orders in excess of $2,500.00 USD must be sent through FedEx, which does not allow shipment to Domestic United States P.O boxes. Any questions or concerns regarding a shipment can be addressed by our shipping team in detail.

Payment Policies

Online customers are sent an invoice via Paypal to their preferred email address. Customer Paypal accounts are not required for payment or receipt of an invoice.
Customers with a pending order are given 24 hours following claims to submit a valid email address for their invoice to be sent.
Following the receipt of an invoice, customers are given 20-business-days to submit payment. Non-payment after 20-business days could result in the following at A-1 Comics’ discretion; the invoice being canceled, the customer being blocked from future claims and the claimed items being returned to A-1 Comics’ available inventory.
Single payments in excess of $5,000.00 USD are requested to submit payment directly to A-1 Comics in the form of: Bank Wire Transfer, Direct Payment, check or, if in person; check, cash or major credit cards.
Payments through an A-1 Comics, inc issued gift card are accepted, but must be done manually by an A-1 Comics associate. 

Return/Refund Policy

A-1 Comics, Inc stands by its prices, grades, and product. All grades assigned by A-1 Comics, Inc represents our opinion, as grading is subjective. A-1 Comics does not guarantee an assigned grade from a third party grading company; for example, CGC, CBCS, or PGX.
A-1 Comics, Inc does not offer refunds on comics graded by third parties; CGC, CBCS or PGX. When purchasing an item graded or authenticated by a third party service, the buyer is relying solely on these services for accuracy of any information related to the item/s.

All transactions completed at an A-1 Comics Point of Sale System in person are subject to that location’s Return/Refund Policy.
Shipping orders received are eligible for a return within the first business week of receipt. A-1 Comics offers reimbursement for online orders excluding original shipping costs upon return of the item/s.
In the case that a comic is sold without the following being disclosed: Restoration, Missing content, or non-original content the order is given an extension to 1-month to be returned for a full reimbursement on the order, including shipping.
 If a recognized third party grader; CGC, CBCS, PGX discovers restoration or a qualifying defect that was not disclosed A-1 Comics, Inc will reimburse the customer up to $35.00 for the grading fee including a full refund upon return of the item within 3-months of initial receipt.

Store Credit

Store credit may be issued upon agreement with a customer for any reason discussed. Customers outside of California may be issued store credit and tracked internally at A-1 Comics. Customers within California may request their store credit be issued via a Gift Card. 

Rewards Points

A-1 Comics, Inc. rewards TapMango points per dollar spent before tax on location. Points can be redeemed through TapMango for special rewards in-store. These rewards are not eligible to be used for online purchases. Points can be earned when picking up a local pickup Instagram live sale online purchase regardless of payment method.
Points can only be added at an A-1 Comics, Inc. register Point of Sale by a staff member.

Q: I didn’t get my points on my most recent purchase.
A: Bring your receipt on your next A-1 Comics visit for points to be applied retroactively by staff.

Q: I normally pick up, but can’t this time. Can I get my order shipped and still get points

A: Contact us via Instagram with your request for shipment and we can discuss how to move forward.

Q: Can I wait to pick up my order on sale day for extra discounts?

A: Online purchases are not eligible for discounts via in-store sales.


  • CGC says the book I purchased from A-1 Comics has restoration/is qualified. Am I eligible for a refund?
    A: A-1 Comics offe3-monthmonth Return Policy for non-disclosed restorations including $35.00 to cover an Economy Grading Fee.
  • I don’t use PayPal. How do I pay?
    A: Paypal accounts are not required to receive an invoice to a valid email address. Paypal allows payments to be made as a guest without creating an account
  • I paid for an order and have not received a tracking number.
    A: If 1-business day has passed without a tracking number, contact us. All Shipments are given 1-day for handling to be packaged. Tracking information is applied directly to the paid order, customers should receive an email notification to their linked email address with this update.
  • I’d like to pay the PayPal invoice with an A-1 Comics Gift Card.
    A: Contact us with the information on your A-1 Comics Gift Card. An associate may charge the gift card to be applied to your order.
  • My item/s were damaged in the mail. Can I return the item?
    A: An insurance claim may be filed to the mail carrier of the package by either the sender or receiver for packages damaged in transit.


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