Amazing Spider-Man #89 (1970) VG- 3.5 Marvel Comics


    Very Good Minus (3.5)
    Stan Lee-Writer

    Out of stock

    Web swinging across the city, Spider-Man finds it hard to believe that his foe, Doctor Octopus, is dead. Slipping into an alley, Spidey changes back into Peter Parker. Out on the streets, he purchases a newspaper and reads how authorities were unable to find any trace of Doctor Octopus. Peter worries that Octavius might have survived after all. His thoughts are interrupted by Randy Robertson, who asks Peter to help participate in a student protest. Peter refuses, as he needs to investigate the situation with Doctor Octopus. Unable explain himself, Peter leaves Randy thinking that Parker only cares about himself. As Peter goes his own way, he tosses out the newspaper, unaware that his foe is hiding in the nearby alley. Doctor Octopus recovers the discarded newspaper and is amused to learn that everyone thinks that he is dead and begins planning his next attack, vowing to get final revenge against Spider-Man.

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