Amazing Spider-Man #8 (1964) VG 4.0 First Appearance of The Living Brain Marvel Comics


    Very Good (4.0)
    Steve Ditko-Cover Artist

    Out of stock

    When Mr. Petty of the I.C.M. company brings in a new robotic computer (dubbed the "Living Brain") to Midtown High for a demonstration, Peter insults Flash Thompson's intelligence when he voices his ignorance of the machine's value. This causes a brief scuffle where Peter's glasses are broken. Flash challenges Peter to a fight after school.

    When Spider-Man happens upon a party thrown by the Human Torch's girlfriend Dorrie Evans, he decides to crash the party to show up the Torch as the superior superhero. Their fight takes them to a nearby beach where the rest of the Fantastic Four are relaxing. When the Torch manages to knock Spider-Man flat on his face, Mr. Fantastic offers the web-slinger a hand up.

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