Amazing Spider-Man #28 (1965) Fair 1.0 Missing Ad Pages Marvel Comics


    Fair (1.0)
    Steve Ditko-Cover Artist

    Out of stock

    Four Ad Pages have been removed from the book making it incomplete.

    As the school year comes to a close, Peter Parker is getting the cold shoulder from Liz Allan, but so is Flash Thompson without any explanation. Graduation day is coming soon, so Peter is let out of school early and he pays a visit to Spencer Smythe, creator of the robot. Even though the robot grabs Peter, he talks his way out of it and quickly exchanges Spider-Man outfits to get his real one back. Just as he finishes, he notices a commotion between Smythe and Mark Raxton over a liquid metal alloy. Raxton intends to sell it and Smythe fights back saying more testing needed to be done. As Peter goes to help, the robot grabs him and he watches as Smythe is struck down and the jar of liquid metal alloy spills onto Raxton.

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