Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Is A-1 Comics, INC. open?

We are now open! Each location is limiting opening hours to 10am-8pm.

  • How is A-1 Comics responding to COVID-19?

Each store restricts how many customers can be inside at one time based on the size of the building. Also, bathrooms and commonly touched surfaces are cleaned regularly multiple times a day. All touch screens have been removed and staff have been trained how to handle payment at the register to prevent possible exposure. We ask any staff member as well as customers to stay home if they have symptoms.

  • Are Masks/Gloves mandatory?

Due to new developments (6/18/2020), the state of California is requiring cloth face coverings while in public. Please review A Guidance for Face Coverings released by the California Department of Public Health for more information.

  • Which store offers Local Pickup for Website orders?

For items that do not have store selection available are held at the Sacramento location at 5361 Auburn Blvd. If you would like to request local pickup from another store please contact us and allow time for a store transfer.

  • Will A-1 Comics still consider purchasing collectibles?

Due to the exceptional and unpredictable events, A-1 Comics is limiting how much we usually purchase. If your collection of comics, toys and/or trading cards are of collectible value please contact us at In the email please include detailed information about your collection and your preferred method of communication.

  • Where to find store events, new products, and news?

The A-1 Comics, INC. Newsletter is still the best place for information about each store. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter follow this link:

  • Will new comics still be coming in?

New Comics are coming in again! Our shipments come in every week and are available for sale on Wednesdays. The distributor is pikcing up right where they left off before the lockdown and comic releases will reflect that schedule.

  •  Are A-1 Comics Gift Cards elligible for Website purchases?

We are working with our payment portal to allow Gift Cards to process orders online. At this time, the Gift Cards can not be used online. Online promotions; such as discounted items, pre-orders, and event sign ups, can not be paid for using a Gift Card at this time.

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