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Amazing Fantasy #15


This months feature from The Vault is this beautiful Copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 graded at CGC Restored 3.0. This particular copy has Slight/Mod. (C-2) restoration including small color touches, tear seals, trims, & more. It has excelent page quality for a book of its age, boasting Off-White / White pages. This is a really special book and a great key to have in your collection:

The 1st apperence of Spider-Man.

One evening, while attending a demonstration of radioactivity at General Techtronics Laboratories East, Parker fails to notice a spider drop through a “radioactive ray” and receive a massive dose of radiation. It bites him and dies. Light-headed, Parker leaves the demonstration, only to be nearly run over by a car. He leaps to safety but is surprised to find he has jumped much further than intended—he lands on the side of a building and clings to the bricks by his fingertips. He quickly climbs to the roof and, once there, accidentally crumples a steel pipe in his hand. He believes that he has inherited the spider’s speed, strength, and climbing ability. He begins to ponder the possibilities.

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