New Mutants #14 (1964) CGC Marvel Comics


1st appearance of Magik (Illyana Rasputin)

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It snows, and the New Mutants decide to give Professor X a party. Illyana goes with them to shop, and the New Mutants discover it's her birthday. Back at the mansion, S'ym attacks Professor X. The New Mutants get back, and Illyana goes to scout the mansion to see if the Professor is around since he can't read her mind. S'ym ambushes her and she teleports the rest of the team through Limbo to the living room (car included). The New Mutants fight S'ym, and Illyana ultimately defeats him and he swears allegiance to her. The X-Men come back for the party, and to see the new living room volcano! We discover Professor X's legs are fully healed, and Doug Ramsey has been accepted to Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy.