Clockwork Dragon


The Steampunk Dragon is a fearsome mechanical monster seemingly composed of antiquated machinery. When you hear it clinking and clanking your way, with the smell of oiled metal filling your nostrils, it may already be too late!

  • Scientific Name: Draco mechanicus
  • Characteristics: Sculpted to appear as though it’s made of gears, cogs, pipes, rivets and interlocking pieces of metal machinery, the Steampunk Dragon is a wonder of antiquated technology. This figurine is posed with its left arm lurching forward and its clawed tail curved menacingly.
  • Size and Color: The Steampunk Dragon figure is 7 inches long and 5 ½ inches tall, about the size of a large index card. This hand-painted figure features gold, silver and copper painted parts, made to look well weathered and oiled.

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The Steampunk Dragon arose from the discarded husks of forgotten and broken machines, enchanted with new form and life by an unknown sorcerer. It is believed by some that it was originally an organic, reptilian dragon whose body parts were slowly replaced with mechanical pieces until it was completely made of machinery. Others are convinced the dragon is nothing more than an animated amalgam of angry animatronics, without the soul or conscience of a living thing.

The Steampunk Dragon is a formidable beast that is very difficult to destroy, as it can rebuild itself when damaged by adding new mechanical pieces to its body, absorbing them into its form. Though it has never been tested, the prevailing theory is that to be truly defeated, its power source must be destroyed. Though it has never been seen, it’s assumed that its power source is well protected deep within the torso of the beast. It isn’t known exactly how the dragon creates its power, though smoke and flames are often observed belching forth from its mouth, as well as the horn-like exhaust pipe located on the back of its head.

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