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Instagram Live Comic Sale - Cosmic


Zoom through space…. Or through the internet… to our Cosmic themed live sale! Exiting keys, thrilling tales, and cosmic goodness await!

Facebook Live Comic Sale - Enchantment under the Sea

July 31st @ 6:00PM PST..

Fishy Friday Featuring Fearsom Foes Floating Freely Feeling Fresh Foolishly Fighting Flashy Fishmen Friends

Instagram Live Sale - Villains

Vile villains take over as the A-1 crew brings you another Instagram Live sale. Diabolical deeds and petty plots await as we bring you such characters as: The Joker, Green Goblin, & Dr. Doom!

Facebook Live Sale - X-Men

Mutations never looked so good! Professor X’s band of chaotic good justics comes flying at ‘ya in our first ever X-Men themed live sale!

P.S.: We’re the best at what we do wink

Instagram Live Sale - Hunks N' Studs

Big dudes in tight pants? If that your kind of super hero, we’ve got ‘ya covered! Featuring heros such as: Thor, The Warlord, Conan, & The Hulk, This wont be a night to miss!

Facebook Live Sale - Girl Power

Move aside, fellas! Friday features fierce females flyin’, fightin’ & lookin’ fly while barely tryin’. Girl Power themed live sale! Friday, August 14th @ 6:00PM PST.

Instagram Live Sale - Star Wars Comics & Toys

 Some time in the near future, in a comic shop… not so far  away., A-1 Comics brings you the summers most   thrilling space adventure! Finally, A Star Wars Themed Live Sale! August 19th, 2020 @ 6:00 PM PST